Sculptra® Aesthetic is an FDA approved filler made with poly-L-lactic acid that is used to create more volume and fullness in various areas of the body. A major component of healthy and young skin is collagen, a structural protein that contributes to the strength, volume, and firmness of the skin. As the skin goes through the natural aging process, it does not produce as much collagen. As a result, the foundation of the skin becomes weaker and you may begin to see wrinkles overtime. Sculptra® is an injectable filler that works underneath the skin to stimulate collagen production and fill the space under wrinkles and creases. This adds volume to the area to create fullness and a more youthful appearance. Sculptra® is commonly used to augment the face, buttocks, labia majora, and other areas of the body.

Brazilian Butt Augmentation/Lift using Sculptra®
Many patients desire to enhance the shape of their buttocks and create a perkier and more rounded appearance. The goal is to create a nice and natural butt that is proportionate to the patient’s body. While I prefer to use the patients’ own fat, I am also able to use Sculptra® to augment the butt. The best candidates for Sculptra® injections are patients who do not have enough fat to be transferred to the buttocks and desire a subtle change in fullness.

A Brazilian Butt Lift using Sculptra® is often referred to as a non-surgical procedure because the recovery time is minimal and Liposuction is not required in order to obtain the results of the butt lift. However, this term can be misleading because although an injectable filler is used, the procedure is still carried out in a surgery center with anesthetics administered to the patient for a more comfortable experience.

Because the purpose of Sculptra® is to increase collagen production, the results are not immediate. As collagen production increases in the area, the skin begins to thicken, giving a smoother and plumper appearance. Patients can expect to see gradual results for up to 6 months following the procedure. These results can last for at least 2 years, with international literature stating that results can last for up to 5 years.  While only one injection is needed, some patients desire more injections to maintain or enhance their results.