A dropped or falling uterus is a common condition in women that suffer from pelvic organ prolapse following childbirth and/or aging. It can occur by itself or more commonly with other pelvic organ prolapse issues such as a dropped bladder (cystocele) or rectum (rectocele). Women that suffer from a dropped bladder or cystocele are commonly found to have uterine prolapse at the same time. It is critical that uterine support be re-established at the time of any repair for prolapse, as this is the anchor of the entire pelvic floor. Traditionally, women have always been told that they need a hysterectomy when the uterus is prolapsed or dropped, however this is no longer the case. There has been much more research in recent years that has shown uterine suspension, done properly, is just as successful as removing the uterus/suspending the top of the vagina AND is much less invasive than a hysterectomy.

Our surgical team has performed uterine sparing surgery at the time of prolapse repair for over 20 years and were two of the first surgeons in the world to offer this procedure. They perform Uterine Suspension surgery as an outpatient surgery via a laparoscopic approach. The procedure can be performed with or without mesh, depending on the patient’s desires as well as extent of uterine prolapse. The laparoscopic uterine suspension procedure is performed in less than 20 minutes.