Tremendous advances have been made in understanding and treating the aged appearance of the face. The technique of facelifts has evolved into a more sophisticated and powerful procedure that effectively rejuvenates the face and restores its youthful characteristics. This is the modern approach to facelifts and is the method that we follow.

Cosmetic surgeons now understand that facial aging involves the deflation and descent of the soft tissues of the face. In order to create a natural and beautiful result, this has to be reversed. The contours of the face are recreated by lifting and filling the tissues to their youthful condition. The skin is redraped and carefully manipulated. The days of the “windswept” facelift are over.

Our goal is to create a beautiful and natural looking result.



The modern approach to facelifts follows several principles. All incisions are made along natural crease lines as much as possible in order to camouflage the scar. All dissection is done in the safest and most predictable fashion in order to achieve success. The underlying soft tissues are tightened ad lifted. Volume is added to the deflated areas of the face. These steps restore the youthful shape and contours.

The amount of excess skin is carefully determined and removed. It is then precisely redraped to create the most natural looking result possible. All incisions are meticulously closed so that the scar may be imperceptible once healed.



A drain may be used for the first 24 hours. All bandages and dressings are removed the morning after surgery. Showering is allowed on the first day.

Patients return to light activities within a week. Driving is discouraged for at least a week. Brusing resolves over 2-3 weeks. Most patients will return to work after about 2-3 weeks. The majority of swelling resolves over 3-6 weeks. Scars will fade considerably with time.

A more thorough and detailed discussion of the recovery is conducted during the consultation.



This is a patient who requested facial rejuvenation. Our goal in facial rejuvenation is to create a result which improves the appearance, creates a more youtthful and refreshed look and is completely natural looking. we treated her upper eyes (upper blepharoplasty), lower eyes (lower blepharoplasty), face and neck. As you can see in the “After” pictures, she looks much more refreshed and youthful. The result is completely natural looking. The patient was extremely pleased with her result.