MRKH- Vaginal Agenesis


MRKH - Vaginal AgnesisMRKH is a condition where a genetic female is born without a fully developed uterus or vagina. She is a genetic female with normal female chromosomes and normal ovaries, therefore is 100% female and develops all secondary sex characteristics of female including breasts and normal external vulvar anatomy. The vaginal canal however is not functional as it is typically only 1 or 2cm in depth. Typically, young women are diagnosed in their teen years when they don’t have a period and are referred for evaluation. There are many different types of surgical options to create a functional vagina for these young women; however our doctors utilize one of the least invasive and most successful procedures to accomplish this. They have one of the busiest centers in the country in treating this rare diagnosis and have been featured on the Doctor’s TV show for their surgical expertise in helping these young women. They utilize the Laparoscopic Davydov procedure to create a neovagina and have performed more of these procedures than any other surgery center in the U.S. They see and are sent patients from all over the U.S. as well as worldwide for their expertise in this field.